The things I plan to do before I eventually kick that bucket to the other side (so far):-

  • Open up a shop
  • Write a book – either fiction or a travel/food documentary
  • Travel around South America – the whole continent – in one summer
  • Make a day-to-day food blog/vlog
  • Buy a flat on George Street, Edinburgh that looks out onto the city
  • Buy a flat in the U.S – location can vary, must be in happening urban civilisation
  • Go scuba diving and find a shark tooth in a reef
  • Learn how to cook gourmet food dishes
  • Travel alone in the U.S for 3 months and explore
  • Make a product that makes it onto the shelves of Paperchase
  • Work in a lab that either; helps in cancer treatment or aids to find a vaccine/cure for HIV/AIDS
  • Be accredited for work in a scientific paper
  • Meet & have an in-depth conversation with John Green
  • Make a ground-breaking discovery in the world of science
  • Work/perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Learn how to do a backflip
  • Bungee jump
  • Run a marathon in London or Edinburgh
  • Build a business from the ground up – links to shop
  • Plan my own flat/house from scratch

And that’s just what I’ve got so far!