There’s been many things happening over the past couple of weeks. Friends departing back to home countries and others flying in from back home. There’s been gigs, travels, photography, and adventures – but there were a few shining moments that really do make me thankful for being where I am today.

May 20th – Mothers Inbound

After not seeing the for the best part of 5 months, to have both of them here in Toronto (however short the visit was) was wonderful – especially when on a daily basis there was a quest to find the next best margarita to beat the one from the day before.


Very first stop, La Carnita – divine margaritas here! 



Mum escaped the awkward corn-on-the-cob bite, I, however, was not so lucky #ThatEyeContactThough 


There pit-stop in Toronto before heading off to meet some friends in Austin was the first of a few homely visits from back across the Atlantic. With the time I knew I had with them, I tried to squeeze in as much as I could to show them a less-touristy tour of Toronto with margarita and mezcal bars, fish and Italian eateries and shops galore for them to update their holiday wardrobe.


Trust my mum to find the biggest Bloody Mary she could find, with a lobster tail in it to boot!


I have to say a lot of it was margarita searching for their final stop in Mexico to make an accurate comparison to what a “good margarita” was – I’m sure with their persistence they will find their perfect margarita somewhere on the Mexican beaches.


A mezcal bar, where of course more beverages were had. 


May 23rd – BBQ’s done in style with Canadians, Scots, Englishmen and an Irishman. 

I already knew of a few family members in Toronto and other areas in Canada before I arrived and some I had met already like Scott and his wonderful family. However with a reunion of Canadian family around the corner, I couldn’t help but feel a tad nervous, like how when I first met Scott. Just thinking where to go with initial conversation seemed a little nerve-racking.

Those worries were soon doused by complete and utter Canadian genuineness. Whitney and Patricia, who sadly I was not able to meet until now due to being busy at different times, were absolutely delightful upon finally meeting them at Scotts! Hearing the Scottish accents from Scotts parents, George and Athelene, really did have a homely feeling to it, and both shared stories of living back in Scotland and Waterloo, Ontario – as well as some handy travel tips! Scotts and his two sisters, Jenny and Suzy, together as the three of them were just a riot as well as their collective S.O’s and the kids to boot!


Myself, the kids and Gus seeing who can get the most skims of a stone….Gus destroyed the competition 


Everything clicked into place like we’d all known each other for years – it truly was one of the best days since I’ve been over in Canada, and to know that I have such a welcoming and vibrant family this side of the world is something I will always hold dear.

The only regret I have of that day was not getting a photo of all of us, however that just means we’ll have to have another BBQ in the future with all of us again! What a shame.

As if such a day couldn’t get any better, my good friend from university flew over from Dublin on the same day to top it all off. Hearing him knocking at the door of Scotts house, albeit looking a little lost, elevated a day that was already in the clouds. Since his arrival we’ve ran in colour runs, thrown axes in the greatest of fashions, kayaked to Toronto Island, as well as filling ourselves with the greatest food Toronto has to offer.


Badly sunburnt men throwing axes, what else could do wrong? 
A lengthly paddle battle commenced soon after this photo. 
Running 5K in the blazing Torontonian heat whilst getting splattered with colour, I would do it again in a heart beat.



These moments are never going to be forgotten, which is a big thing for me to say as most people know that my memory is absolutely horrendous. And the best part is it’s not even over yet, with a trip to Montreal and then Adrienne departing in the next week to Toronto it still only gets better from here.

All this made me realise. I am a lucky guy. To have a, now extended, family and friends met whilst here in Toronto and before that all have one thing in common – a glowing personality.Each person with a different type and kind, and each other them owning them for them to be who they are today.

Keep exploring,