This week hasn’t turned out even slightly how I thought it would. With a week or so until relatives, friends, and significant others fly over to Toronto I thought it would be a good idea to explore Ontario for its wilderness. Plans to head to Bruce Penisula, Algonquin and Thousand Island were in the mix, all through the ease of Canadas car rental service. Everything was a go. Essentials were packed. Motels were booked. What could possibly go wrong?

9am. We’re up and out the flat early to get to Enterprise where we would pick up the car and set off to Bruce Penisula as soon as we met up with the others. Everything at the rental dealership was going smoothly, the time of the booking, the drivers licence checks etc. Up until the payment.

I’d like to add at this point that on the website it said that either credit or debit would be suitable for payment of the rental car. But, unknown to us until that point, you need to have a credit card in the name of the driver for the purchase to take place.

Destroyed. Broken spirit. Infuriation. Defeat.

These (and plenty others) were whirling through my head at this point – including one of my favourite expressions ‘rocking up like you’ve got your dick in your hand‘ – thinking that all that planning had ben for nothing, to fall at the first hurdle almost made it comical. Four students wondering to travel the natural parks of Ontario swept aside by lack of a piece of plastic. Brilliant. However Verena, a good friend of mine, said some very precious words – ‘we shall make a new plan’. I was so wrapped up in the disappointment of plan A failing that I thought there would be no plans that we could make.

Turns out plan B served pretty well to say the least – we took a GO bus over to Hamilton, where we heard there were many great nature hikes that lead to waterfalls. And that is exactly what we did.

Crossing difficult landscape through the use of teamwork – no one wanted to get soggy feet.


From what I’d heard of Hamilton, which wasn’t a lot to say the least, it sounded like a pretty non-remarkable place in comparison to Toronto. But I’m glad to have been proved wrong through this hike. Natural beauty doesn’t even begin to describe the merits of this place.

After finding a river we knew that the waterfall couldn’t be too far away…we hoped.


About 45 minutes of hiking up some questionable paths we found sight of the waterfall, also realising there was a much easier way to get to the fall face from the roadside – but where’s the fun in the easy route right?

Can’t remember the last time I was able to get that close to the edge of a waterfall, was quite something I have to say. 

Gabriel found a tree to sit in, I already knew what he was going to ask before I took this. Always the tree-shot fanatic.

This plan B worked out pretty well. But sometimes not all plan B’s work out as well as this one in many aspects of life. Sometimes you can get to C, D, E, even further down the line before a plan is successful in what we want it to fulfil.

I’m not saying that there are only 26 plans you can make, I just like the use of the alphabet to assign plan identities. 

However, what this trip taught me was to just keep going. Keep pursuing with blind optimism to make a plan succeed whatever plan that may be. At some point, it will, and when it does you soon realise what all the time, effort, hours, were for.

Without a car, I won’t be able to explore the national parks of Ontario, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t spend the rest of my time in Toronto finding new things to do and new places to go by any means!

Keep exploring.