It’s 2016. A new year and another set of 365 days for people to make their mark on the world through many which ways.

This year I embark on something that fills me with as much excitement as it does terror, much in the same way you’d anticipate a bungee jump (would highly recommend also, it’s a brilliant adrenaline rush).

I’m travelling to Toronto, Canada to study abroad for a semester in a city and a country I’ve never been before but heard so much about.

Through the worries of organising everything to do with the trip; transport,  accommodation, official papers, routes etc I have the people closest to me to thank for making sure it all happened. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Most importantly keeping me head on straight, there were many points on the build up to this moment that I thought ‘I can’t do this‘ or ‘It’s too much‘ thinking it wouldn’t be worth the money, the time or the effort. I thank you, all of you who calmed my worries, you know who you are.

To think I won’t be in the presence of the familiar friends and family for half a year does sadden me, however, I can see this next six month period feeling shorter than Connor McGregor’s most recent fight.

The thought that I leave tomorrow fills me with so many emotions. Glee. Nervousness. Hysteria. Worry. Anticipation. Amongst many others. It’s all come so fast with there being the semester just gone consuming a lot of time, and then Christmas and New Years Eve just gone it seems like time is fizzing by.

I plan to blog every Sunday to keep everyone up to date on the Canadian happenings across the North Atlantic. Watch this space this space that’s all I’m saying.

The bags are packed. The car is ready. Am I? Only one way to find out.