With the Fringe festival in it’s full flow it would’ve been rude not to see as much as possible, there are some people who don’t seize the opportunities available to them,and would maybe only see a couple shows in the entire 3 weeks of the festival. I’ve made it my main aim to never do that in life. Do as much as you can because otherwise you’ll probably regret it along the line somewhere.

Carl Donnelly: Jive Ass Honky

Inspirational I have to say is the word for this man, and his performance, basing his act around his anxieties in life and how they’ve got him into some hilarious situations, whilst also being very witty in terms of observational comedy. For someone to be able to use comedy in a way of tackling mental problems I pay huge respects to this man, how his stories could be hilarious as well as morally uplifting is beyond me, but he did it. The small venue at the Pleasance Upstairs made it that much better as well, intimate some would say. But I was wheezing from laughter at this brilliant man, one of the best Fringe acts I’ve seen in a long time

He also help me finalise, if I were ever to get one, the tattoo and placement I would get, I’ve always had an idea as to do things that make ones self feel good, whether it’s work, making new experiences and friends, whatever, people should be able to feel good about themselves. In feeling good, there is serotonin, known as ‘the feel good hormone’ and with me studying biology it made for a fitting match up, which Carl had the skeletal formula for the compound tattooed on the inside of his upper arm. This is what and where I would get it, because it speaks volumes in my eyes. This being an example.


After seeing Carl, the end result somehow was to go to Hive, where I have to say, I had the best time with a great group of people, one of which I wouldn’t see until Christmas due to his escapades in Wisconsin. Which I wish him the best of luck, and for Fraser to have all of the fun he deserves. Upon finding some of the pictures, I have to say I couldn’t remember taking but here’s a snippet of what I found the following morning after stumbling in at 4am with work at 11. (It’s safe to say, never go to Hive and have work the following day, you will be ruined.) 

IMG_1066 IMG_1091 IMG_1075

Andrew Lawrence: Uncensored

The title was definitely not lying. With very topical and somewhat spiteful and bitter comedy, Andrew really had been painted in a different light from this performance, with a lot of life ranting on his part. However, the comedy was good, but I always saw him before this gig as a very nervous comedian with nervous comedy, which appealed to myself and of course many others. But after this, I had to say, there was a little part of me that felt sorry for him, talking about how him being 35 and still at the fringe competing with much younger comics was ‘a tad embarrassing’, and using the fact that him and his 22-year-old girlfriend are having a child to form an upside from this. It wasn’t sad if you think about its own, but it was how it was all phrased that made a little bit of pity come into my head. I still have great respect for the man don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t expecting such a brutally honest performance, but what am I to expect when it’s uncensored. And maybe that’s exactly what Andrew wanted to to. To take the shackles off himself and show who he really is. If so, then I commend him.

Mistaken: A Quartet of Plays for One Author

For getting into this show for free (thanks to Ellie for working at C venues and that she’s a babe), it was..interesting. With the 4 plays being different and linked at the same time, revolving around harsh changes in a persons life, whether it was murder, rape, personality changes, or self help, it made for an interesting mix of real life situations and sorry telling done to very good quality. But for a free show it was entertaining, and very well planned and executed from the man, it also gave for some interesting topics of conversation after the show with Ellie, which was good for catching up and such.

Edinburgh this time of year has so much to offer, and even at different times of year, it’s the culture hub for Scotland, which makes me love the fact that I live here even more. The next post is a full monty of activities, if you’re interested.