As August begins to unfold, the one main even that opens up to the city is the spellbinding Fringe Festival, whereby culture in all shapes and sizes is let loose in a vast array of venues over the entire city. It’s a beautiful thing having so much within such a small space you become spoilt for choice. Over 500 venues with over 50,000 acts is an impressive marker, and it gets bigger every year, the number of happy faced flyerers eager to get you to attend their shows, more street acts that you could swallow fire at, and few and far between. Just from going up the Royal Mile for 5 minutes, I was able to collect a large quantity of flyers, with shows proving to be new and cutting edge, and I hope to see as many as I can over the 2 weeks I’m in the capital for.


However, before I get into the beginnings of my fringing adventures, a note for the food.

On Thursday, we have North Berwick Gin come into the shop I work at, Cranachan and Crowdie, for our weekly tasting, and I have never tasted gin so pure, and so clear cut, understandably winning the best London Gin in the World Gin Awards 2015. Mixing it with either tonic, or now my preferred favourite, raspberry lemonade is just the thing to get the festive juices flowing to either start the day or commence an evening! Unfortunately I had no pictures (very unlike me) however I do have some other foodie notes to add.

If you’re looking for the best confectionary treats around, make your way to St Mary’s Street, where you’ll find Pinnie’s and Poppyseeds, they hands down do the best toffee, it’s topped with chocolate and toasted nuts, and it tastes like a posh Daim bar, but even better than that sounds. Also situation within this company is the newly emerging Jane Dough’s doughnuts, I’ve already blogged about them before, but for a very good reason. They. Taste. Amazing. Either to the blueberry & lime flavoured, to the coconut and vanilla, every one will make your stomach want more guaranteed. I would recommend to anyone in Edinburgh to check them out, and try a few things as they have a vast scope of bakery goods. AND LOOK HOW GOOD THEY LOOK.


Iain Stirling: Touchy Feeling

A very punchy comedian from Edinburgh born and bred, with a lot to offer in terms of his scope of comedy, moving between fast food ranting, political satire, sexual preferences, mental illness and more, this comic seems to know the current situations in the world, and makes them hilarious. I’m known for laughing a lot in public, but when you ask a father where you should put your hands when getting given a hand job with two of his daughters sitting next to him, I couldn’t hold back my bely laugh. A refreshing comedian with lots to offer, however due to being a preview show you could tell he was ad libbing a few things and seeing what stuck, a majority did I have to say, but not all of it. Being in the Pleasance Courtyard is a great venue for comedians, and it worked well for Iain, highly recommend seeing this guy, a ticket that won’t break the bank and will progress a great evening. Seeing him my very good friend Josh Gould, also made it very enjoyable, after realising I’d known him for nearly a decade, made me realise what good friends we are, and how I value him as one of my closest friends. He also is very goofy which is awesome.



After being in the Pleasance for a while, a lovely flyerer gave Josh and I free tickets to see this show, and by god was it a spectacle. Mixing ballet with an electronic orchestra is a majestic idea in itself, with the two being individual and together at different points throughout the performance. My aesthetic appreciation for all the dancers in how they were able to contort there bodies to such shapes is something beyond belief, and I know realise what physical mightiness dancers must have to do such things and why. However, one thing I did note about this performance, is that it was a tad too long for my liking. But that may’ve been to the one valuable thing I learnt as I sat down to watch it at the start. Never go to watch a show with a full bladder. But even with that, the colourfulness, quality of music, and overall charisma of the show was quite good. I would’ve happily paid to see that show if I wasn’t given a free ticket to watch it, but I felt very  to watch the show nonetheless.


Forth Childrens Theatre really do have some talent from how this musical came out, with the story of P.T Barnum and his life of humbugery getting into all sorts of jip and creations such as knock-off American history museums and travelling circus’. But what really did strike me, was the professionalism of the young actors, ranging from 18 to what must’ve been as young as 14, the smoothness of the entire act was something I admired greatly for such a young group of actors, you could tell there was some relentless rehearsal schedules that went in preparations to this production, and it very much paid off. Another thing I would like to add, is the fact that the costume for the whole production was off the scale, going through the different time eras with such flawlessness and with a large array of outfits for various characters to go through, it was a masterclass of costume changes, with the style of each era enraptured in the best of ways. As well as this, the props were very well worked, and the illusions and tricks within the show very much caught me by surprise, and into amazement. To see some young performers rule American in the art of people pleasing, I would very much advise you to see this show.

The fringe has only just begun, and there is MUCH more to see.