Newcastle was the start to my week visiting a few friends from university, and I have to say it was such a lovely place to go to for the first time. An amazingly sunny day pottering around, galavanting around the concrete jungle that was central Newcastle, but a muchly friendly feeling about the Geordie hub. Full of culture, and in the August sun I had to take the opportunity to take a few shots of the surrounding and my friends chilling in the city. It would’ve bee rude not to. Pop up town cinemas, a plethora of popular and less common quirky shops added to the beautiful architecture of the place. The weather I have to say I’d help as without having the sun it may not have had th same frost impression as it did, and first impressions make a huge difference in later kife, for a lot of things.

Whilst chowing down on some food near the central church, an American guy asked to me to be part of a linguistic language teaching program where people say defences and then break them up slowly. I liked the idea of getting regional accents into the mix so as to get a fullappreacition for the British dialect (however he was probably surprised at my accent in the location we were in). It didn’t help that my first line was “Don’t force it” to which everyone found  hilarious. But the full video and information of the company are below, you should check it out, if not the be interested in learning a new language, but to watch me say random funny stuff. (Name of Company and link to be shortly uploaded. Bare with!)

What was great was seeing friends made at university outside of the university grounds, it gave me a feeling that those friendships were further solidified in real life and not just within university which felt rather special I had to say to tee up later life plans with some phenomenal people. I have this fear of things ending from leaving due to having moments where I feel like I’m losing my routed as of now having more permanently residence in Scotland. But being in Newcastle for the day/night as the 5 of us was, in a fitting Geordie style, a belter. Digital was the destination of the night, and however it was similar to other nightclubs, the cheapness and the feeling of it was rather comfy, however beverages being a tad expensive! However, the night was of great success, with 3 for £5 vodka trebles which really kicked things off. As I’m a lightweight at the best of times, my ability to stand still went rather downhill at this point. But here are a few of the best from the night, spent with a few very close friends, in a newly explored city.