After spending a week back to my roots in northern-Suffolk and now a week back to my other home in Edinburgh, I’ve come to figure out a few things about the both of them. Even though growing up in the rural area that is Suffolk, and meeting some of my greatest friends here, I do wish that I could take the people and the life in Suffolk and just inject them into Edinburgh. Sad to say that after 18 years of fully living in the countryside, University in Stirling and pretty much moving all my belongings to my mothers in Edinburgh has been a good move in my eyes I have to say. Being 20, the wants of the younger individuals thrives in the city, and Edinburgh especially of what it has to offer is something very special. For example, the Fringe festival and International festival as well as the Tattoo are only a few things that makes the city impeccable for culture and for just living life to the fullest. However, being so far from Suffolk (situated mainly in Stirling and Edinburgh). Has made me appreciate the time spent with good friends and family. 6 days in Suffolk made me appreciate the time spent just doing the simple things. Having a barbecue, with good friends, catching up about life plans, past memories and recent happenings, with food and alcohol in surplus to add to the mix makes for one hell of a evening. Seeing my dad, step-mum and granddad was also a great joy, seeing them in those small moments really does make you acknowledge those times more. Taking in the local Aspalls cider, with proper Suffolk fish & chips, in the warm English sunshine, there’s nothing more for it to just put your feet up and enjoy the time spent really. However by enjoying these times, lead to few pictures, to here’s some great food, beer in the sunshine, and Joff with his cat Monster Munch (epic I know) affectionately climbing over him, IMG_0620 IMG_0633 IMG_0635 On my return to Edinburgh, I was both sad to leave my dear friends, but excited to begin back at my favourite place of work, Cranachan & Crowdie. A Scottish produce shop, with the best bosses, best food and drink in the whole of city, with faces from all over the world coming in to buy the goods it speaks for itself. Recently we promoted Jane Dough’s doughnuts and they were actually sexy, in look and taste. As well as promoting Edinburgh Gin, because gin is never a bad thing and if anyone tells you anything else is lying or very very boring.Β IMG_0670 IMG_0671 I have to say I have missed Edinburgh this time of year, on the run up to the Fringe festival, where acts, and people from all over the world flying into the city for possibly the best 3 weeks of the year in August to enjoy music, theatre, comedy, dance and arts or all shapes and sizes. It’s a community in a way, people being able to enjoy what life has to offer, and in so being able to enjoy peoples company with alcohol, street food, freebies and the greatest of Scottish settings and people who run the whole show. I’m so excited for August for the almighty of city festivals to start. And so I can see all of the shows I’ve never seen or heard of before.